Drab Walls Project Underway In Austin

By Bill Oakey

October 5, 2013

Readers of this blog have been kept informed on current developments involving the high cost of living in Austin.  Gradual progress is being made towards reform in some areas, while efforts are underway in others.

It has come to our attention that some people need an escape from problems like high property taxes and AISD losing student population in the schools.  (A blog posting on that issue is coming soon).  If you happen to be someone who occasionally suffers from stress in your life, or you know anybody else like that, this information is for you and for them.  Please pass it along.

Studies have shown that people who undergo stress on the job or at home often do not realize that they are surrounded by too many drab walls.  The good news is that a solution for that problem has been found.  You can now brighten up the walls in your home, office, or the lobby of your building in an efficient and very affordable manner.

Below you will find examples of the same wall, looking dull and drab in one scene, yet perky and vibrant in another.  Following those examples, you will find a link to a location where you can purchase the right combination of attractively priced alternatives to the drab walls in your life.

Dull, Drab Wall

Dull, Drab Wall

Bright, Vibrant Wall

Bright, Vibrant Wall

Click here to see samples and visiting hours for the new “Side By Side” art show by Bill Oakey and Debbi Smith Rourke.  https://billoakey.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/new-side-by-side-show-opens-october-4th/


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