Tweet Tweet: Goes Live on Twitter

By Bill Oakey – April 6, 2014

Starting today, you and your friends can watch the fast moving developments on Austin Affordability by following us on Twitter.  In any twitter app, just search for @AAffordability.  Or use your browser and go to

The push for affordability reforms and researching the path to winning those victories promises to be a bumpy, but always exciting ride!  We have a City Council election on the horizon, with 10 new districts and a brand new mayor.  Which ones will we be able to trust on affordability?  You wouldn’t want to miss this adventure, and you wouldn’t want to deny your friends the opportunity to come along.

Just remember this. “Business As Usual” was appropriate for the rock group, Men At Work, as the title for their landmark album in 1982.  It was number one for 15 weeks.  But here in Austin in 2014, we can no longer afford business as usual at City Hall!


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