You Have Been Summoned By the Austin Bulldog

By Bill Oakey – May 4, 2014

If you are reading this blog, the chances are pretty good that you would be interested in an online publication that thrives on investigative reporting about public officials.  It’s called the Austin Bulldog, and you really need to check it out.  In addition to detailed profiles of current local officeholders, you will also find hidden truths and occasional skeletons pulled out of the closets of candidates who are seeking those offices.  The good news about these candidates is up front as well, based on extensive research and interviews with associates who are intimately familiar with their backgrounds.

The mad dog behind this publication is Ken Martin, who originally started In-Fact Daily as a weekly.  In-Fact is a subscription based newsletter that delivers detailed coverage of the hottest agenda topics at Austin City Hall and Travis County.  The publication is now edited by Jo Clifton, and has recently been renamed the Austin Monitor.

But you can read the Austin Bulldog for free.  They are currently examining many of the candidates running for the ten new district-based City Council seats.  And of course, you’ll find coverage of the mayor’s race.  Ken Martin has just published Part Two of his in-depth analysis of mayoral hopeful, Steve Adler.   I encourage everyone to follow this series on Mr. Adler.  Steve is much better known for his work at the Texas Legislature and for educational nonprofits than he is for direct involvement with City of Austin political issues.  The latest Bulldog piece quotes numerous sources as having high praise for Adler.

At this early point in the mayor’s race, all of the candidates deserve our attention.  But the buzz on the street among progressives is that business as usual at City Hall is not working out very well these days.  Unless one of the experienced, currently serving candidates comes up with some form of bold action to counter their previous voting records, we may be looking for new leadership.

One place to look for clues about the backgrounds of both the current and aspiring new officeholders is the Austin Bulldog.  And if you like what you read, you might consider making a voluntary donation.  Then hold onto your seats for a wild and crazy ride, from now all the way to November.  As many in our community have stated, Austin is at a crossroads.  We’re at that proverbial tipping point, where renters, homeowners, medium-skilled job seekers, and longtime Austinites are collectively shaking their heads.  Affordability is a major issue.  This upcoming election may well be the most important one we have faced in several decades.


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