Coming Monday: A Big Set Of Numbers That Don’t Add Up – Except To A Disaster Waiting To Happen

By Bill Oakey – May 16, 2014

If I had kids in the house, I would be having a good little talk with a fifth grader.  Sometimes fresh young minds can see things that are right in front of them that we can’t see.  In this case, I have stared at the same set of numbers several times, only to discover that they don’t add up.  The passing of the weekend will not cause those numbers to make logical sense, any more than rubbing my eyes and looking at them again could.

But I can tell you one thing for sure….

You are going to find them very interesting.

So, bookmark this blog.  If you are using a portable device, add it to your home screen as an icon.  (That nerd sitting next to you can show you how to do it).

Have a good weekend.  Don’t use too much water.  And don’t forget to pay your electric bill.

Try listening to the new album by Martina McBride…You won’t be able to listen to “Come See About Me” without wanting to get up and dance.

See you on Monday.


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