Victory At City Hall For Water Utility Ratepayers!

By Bill Oakey – June 12, 2014

Today the City Council voted unanimously not to give away $1.4 million in fee waivers that would have impacted the Water Utility.  This is excellent news, and it shows that grass roots action can make a difference.

Thanks to all of you who helped by sending emails to the City Council.  Our voices were heard!

We still have a lot of work ahead of us on the affordability battlefront.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Victory At City Hall For Water Utility Ratepayers!

  1. Tex Cartwright

    Also, Item 57, charging hookup fees to builders/developers for new Austin Energy connections was passed today. I think Robbins said it is at least $14 million a year. Those hookup fees to builders have been waived for years, decades, will begin going into effect in Oct. 2014. That was a major subsidy / cost to community thing too. This Council seems to be thoroughly worried about public sentiment going into election season.

    57 Approve a resolution directing the City Manager to plan for full cost recovery of Austin Energy line extensions, with an exemption for certain affordable housing, beginning October 1, 2014.

  2. Laura Pressley

    Hi Bill, thank you for your incredibly informative Blog on the topic of the $6M fee waiver that was passed on March 28th, and your newest Blog on the $2.5M that was to be voted on today.

    The item #63 was on the Consent Agenda and after testimony it was pulled from the Consent Agenda by Sheryl Cole. That was the start of the Council actually discussing the individual items that comprised the $2.5M. A lot of appreciation goes out to Mayor Pro Tem Cole and Paul Robbins and Ora Houston for speaking after it was pulled from Consent.

    Here is the link to the footage:
    Go to: Consent Agenda – Items 1 – 81, Item 63 Time: 9:40 – 11:40

    Bill, thank you again for always being on top of the waste at City Hall. This success would not have happened if it were not for you.


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