Why I Voted For Steve Adler, And Why You Should Too

By Bill Oakey – October 31, 2014

It is quite appropriate that the Halloween tricksters from a certain male opponent of Steve’s sent out two ghoulish mailers this week. We shouldn’t let them scare us, and it’s easy to tell that they are the ones who are spooked!

The special interests who are backing Steve’s opponents are unwilling to match his pledge of real tax relief for Austin homeowners. Instead, they conjured up a band of outside agitators from South Carolina to send out negative mailers to Austin voters. This represents an act of desperation, and it probably means that Steve’s positives messages are cutting into the hopes of any opponents who were hoping to beat him.

This is where those of you reading this come in. Make your plans to vote for Steve, if you haven’t already. You can vote at any polling location on Tuesday. Then you need to email, Facebook and tweet your friends and remind them to vote for Steve. If we keep the attention focused on these net few days, Austin can finally put the bad old days of business as usual at City Hall behind us.

Steve is a down to earth, hard working guy who is quite the opposite of the spooky character that the outsiders portray him to be. You should set a time to go by his campaign office at 301 Barton Springs Road. Volunteers will be needed right up until the polls close at 7:00 on Tuesday.

In the meantime, just keep in mind that solid, common sense principles like financial transparency, truth in taxation, and real affordability reforms instead of lip service and empty promises can be ours if we just get out the vote for Steve Adler.

Treat yourself to a grass roots victory in the mayor’s race this Halloween. Remind your friends that all of the tough problems that Austin faces today were brought about by the very people who are opposing Steve in this election. It is their “experience” that got us into this mess.

Oh, and there’s just one other thing. Wouldn’t it be fun to see that boyish grin on Steve’s face Tuesday night when he wins!


3 thoughts on “Why I Voted For Steve Adler, And Why You Should Too

  1. fritzjof

    Hi Bill, Linda and I were just wondering why you’ve endorsed Steve Adler. What are the specific traits or promises that got to you? Roberta On 10/31/14 3:16 PM, Aust

  2. Todd Jones

    Adler supports rail which would raise my taxes and I would not use. Also there is no guarantee Adler can convince the majority of the new council to support his 20% homeowner’s exemption. I do like him better than Cole or Martinez (proven big spenders of our money).

  3. Steve Speir

    Bill Oakey did as much as anyone in Austin to derail the light rail plan and to help elect and re-elect good people such as Kathie Tovo and Ora Houston. Hope we can get Susana Almanza and Leslie Pool elected now. Now Leffingwell has a historic defeat to go with his historic home designation.


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