Property Tax Appraisals Require Quick Action By Local Leaders

By Bill Oakey – April 30, 2015

As the sun came up this morning, neighborhoods across the City were jolted awake by the continuing shockwaves of this year’s property tax appraisals. They are up by as much as 29% in some areas of town. For many taxpayers, this is on top of crippling double digit increases in last year’s appraisals.

This situation demands a call to action!

As a first step, I will be contacting City and County officials and asking them to make a public statement of support for the Texas Senate’s property tax reduction plan for the State budget. Unfortunately, the Texas House has offered a much weaker plan that reduces the sales tax by a very small percentage.

We need property tax relief now!

Look for another blog posting today, with links for you to contact the members of the House-Senate Conference Committee on the State budget. It is time for all taxpayers to unite in this effort. We will not get another chance for State legislative relief for two more years.

Here’s hoping that our City and County officials will make a strong public statement on our behalf as soon as possible. I will keep you posted.


1 thought on “Property Tax Appraisals Require Quick Action By Local Leaders

  1. Bobbie

    Some counties and cities in Texas have approved limitations on taxes for people that are 65 and older or have disabilities. There is also a tax freeze or ceiling on school districit taxes at age 65. However, the ciy of Austin andHays county continues to place outrageous tax burdens on seniors and hard working citizens.
    Where and when can we meet and collectively demand that proerty taxes be rolled back and lowered. Taxing people out of their homes is just evil, unjust, inhumane.

    Bobbie 5/10/2015


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