Watch The Austin Training Video, “Women Leading In Local Government”

By Bill Oakey – May 14, 2015

The world of Austin politics exploded this week when the Austin American-Statesman broke a shocking story about a City management training session on Women Leading In Local Government. The firestorm erupted when all seven of the newly elected female City Council members found out what their own city’s executive staff did. Not only did they allow a condescending approach toward women to be presented in a training session, but they turned around and defended such a thing after the fact. As of today, one assistant city manager, Anthony Snipes, has already been suspended over the fiasco.

According to the training speaker brought in from Florida, women “ask too many questions” and they “have no interest in financial matters.” Well, as an affordability advocate for the past few years, I can tell you this much about the women on the Austin City Council. Don’t mess with them unless you have your facts straight. The best representation of financial expertise would be Mayor Pro-Tem Kathie Tovo. She has served very well as Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee. Council Member Delia Garza chairs the Regional Affordability Committee. Any doubters of feminine fortitude and financial forthrightness should also take note of Leslie Pool, Ora Houston, Ann Kitchen, Sheri Gallo and Ellen Troxclair.

Rather than repeat the details of the widely circulated news story, I will point you here to the full video of the training session. 

You can also watch the “Revenge of the Seven” as they spoke to the news media about their frustration.


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