Should the City Allow A Soccer Stadium On Butler Shores Without An Election?

By Bill Oakey, December 2, 2017


The Austin American-Statesman has published a stunning headline story, daring to suggest that the MLS soccer stadium might be plopped right into downtown! Well over 80 readers spoke out loudly against it in the comments section, in no time at all. The scariest part is that some insiders are proposing that the Butler Shores site be approved without the City Charter mandate for a public election.

The City Charter provision requiring a public vote on parkland use was set in motion by Mayor Bill Drake and the Austin City Council on December 9, 1952. On that date, the number one song in the country was “Why Don’t You Believe Me?” by Joni James. All these years later, we must still ask that same question. When lawyers successfully sue the City, the taxpayers get to pay their hourly fees plus court costs. To the big dreamers who want to build the soccer stadium on Butler Shores without an election, we can offer this. The number one song on January 31, 1953 when voters approved the Charter Amendment by 61% was “Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes” by Perry Como.

Read the history of the City and State laws protecting parks in the two blog postings below:


4 thoughts on “Should the City Allow A Soccer Stadium On Butler Shores Without An Election?

  1. Richard Viktorin

    Thank you Bill. ESPN’s How would Austin feel about taking Columbus’ MLS team? It’s complicated,
    pretty much tells it like it is.

    The author knows our city and what occupies our time and attention.

  2. Freemoney woohoo

    I can only support this if homeowners are allowed to pay for it with higher property taxes that come with the standard promise of no tax RATE increase.

  3. Don't Develop Butler Shores

    Does anyone know of an active petition or other means of protest to fight and deny the building of a soccer stadium on Butler Shores?

    MLS is at best a short term novelty for a small market city like Austin despite the international appeal of the sport. And placing the stadium downtown would exacerbate the already unbelievable traffic situation. This is a terrible idea, and if MLS must come to Austin, pick a more suitable location with better infrastructure. Prediction: in less than 10 years the team will meet the same fate it has met in Columbus. Extinction. Then we’re left with a vacant stadium and ruined parkland.


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